Our differences have helped Americans learn, grow and work together to find solutions to challenges. True Diversity empowers people to realize their unique potential and advance equal rights while respecting the dignity of every person.

The Judd S. Alexander Foundation supportsthe Philanthropy Roundtable’s initiative which encourages diversity in the philanthropic sector that is grounded in two of America’s core values — liberty and individualism:

“There is a yearning in the charitable community for a new paradigm with a more inclusive outlook — an approach that expands diversity beyond physical and biological characteristics alone to fully embrace the multifaceted characteristics that make each individual special and unique.”

That is why we propose a positive evolution in thinking called True Diversity. This is a modern framework for embracing diversity that flows from a fundamental truth: charitable organizations are at their best when they are empowered to focus on serving all people in need rather than only checking boxes on a form.”

Philanthropy Roundtable’s initiative True Diversity provides an equality-based and holistic framework for embracing diversity. It values every person as a unique individual and empowers charitable organizations with the freedom and flexibility to advance their missions and help those in need.

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