How to Apply

Frequency of Requests

The Directors prefer not to consider proposals from any institution or organization more frequently than once every 12 months, whether the result of the previous application was positive or negative. We encourage applicants to develop and rely upon diverse funding sources.

Proposal Review

With the exception of special initiatives, the Foundation does not have deadlines for submitting proposals. Proposals are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed on a monthly basis. If a proposal is appropriate and complete, it will be scheduled for board review. Generally, it is only one month between submission and board review, but the time may vary depending on the circumstances and timing of a proposal. The Judd S. Alexander Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors meet monthly.

The Foundation will request additional information if required.

Each applicant will be notified in writing of the Foundation’s final decision regarding its proposal, usually within two weeks of a Directors’ meeting.

Program Evaluation

The Judd S. Alexander Foundation, Inc. asks applicants to clearly identify the terms of success and outcomes for their own projects. The terms should be attainable and quantifiable, within a specific time frame. In its evaluation efforts, the Foundation will seek to determine whether the applicant has the capacity to achieve the outcomes set forth in the application.

The Proposal Packet

Five unbound copies plus one original of the proposal should be submitted. Proposal material should not be placed in protective covers or other presentation formats. Videos and other supplementary materials are not encouraged and will not be returned to applicants.

The Foundation does not accept proposals by fax or email.

A fully reviewable proposal must include:

  • Cover page with the exact name and location of the proposed grant recipient along with the name, title, address and phone number of an individual at the organization
  • Project Overview, which includes the following elements:
    • Description of the organization’s main activities and whether it is a public, private or not-for-profit entity.
    • Description of the project or activity for which funding is requested. Brevity, and thoroughness are encouraged, and
      proposals greater than three pages are generally regarded as too long.
    • Specific outcomes and goals, which will be pursued as the result of successful implementation of the project. How will the results be measured? What is the time frame for the project implementation and the outcomes to be realized?
  • Project budget which includes the following elements:
    • Project budget revenue and expense pages
    • Project budget narrative
    • Attachments
      • Organization's current annual operating budget, including income and expenses
      • List of organizations governing body and its officers, showing business, professional and/or community affiliations along with officers financial contributions to the organization
      • Letters of support and letters from other agencies indicating their intent to collaborate (as appropriate)
      • Other documents to supplement the above information provided it does not duplicate other material or information contained in the narratives or budget presentation
      • Most recent audited financial statements
      • Most recent IRS determination letter

Proposal packets should be sent to:

Gary W. Freels
The Judd S. Alexander Foundation, Inc.
500 1st Street, Suite 10
P.O. Box 2137
Wausau, WI 54402-2137

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